Euronic Capital OU was established to focus on getting more quickly develop unlisted companies. Within the company Euronic Capital OU, we invest mainly in unlisted companies with varying interest and maturing phase. The focus is on industrial and trading companies in the Nordic region with proprietary products. The companies we look at are often faced with an international focus and a need for change of ownership. Through active ownership, with investments in unlisted companies will Euronic Capital OU building sustainable companies. Investments in subsidiaries are seen as long-term and is not time-limited. For subsidiaries are often not a predetermined strategy for disposal at no companies evaluated instead of running. Through clear - and ambitious - goal created growth and added value. As a professional and active owner, we can bring specific industry knowledge and international expertise as well as provide a solid network of contacts. Thereby, we act as a support function for our subsidiaries and can help to establish important business contacts. Our portfolio companies are leaders in their respective fields and we are working closely both through board seats and but also through participation in projects relating to production, finance, real estate-related issues and more..

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