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We call it the "5-step recruitment":

ABNUS aims to create work for the unemployed. We come with a new concept that benefits the work increasing and employers.

Abnus AB

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Internship
  • Praktik
  • Employer choice
  • Help should be done by ABNUS AB, through an active process providing opportunities for employment with other employers than the original client
Careful mapping of interest, theoretical and practical knowledge, but also a careful survey of the less positive characteristics which can be of great importance to the choice of work orientation.Euroniccapital 

With this method, both workers and employers achieve their goals more effectively. Both employees and employers get through this procedure:

1. The employee has the opportunity to get a job that suits both interest and will.
2. The employer shall a staff that really suited for each task and really "passionate about" their duties.
3. This method will result in maximum return for both parties.


1. On the client - the employer - the wishes and requests, is recruiting a number of interested jobseekers for a specific job.
2. Are deficiencies in the training of those interested in job training must be given to these and lacking some elements of theoretical training, the job seekers course provided them.
3. Practical work on the given workplace is a must - theory and practice always go hand in hand.
4. Upon completion of training and internship, the employer has the opportunity to choose those they consider the most appropriate.
Employers are always able to "hire" trained staff to ensure that it gets the right person in the right place.
5. Remains then these people who for some reason have not received any work directly. These people should not have any difficulties to find work with other employers in the same industry as they have received both theoretical as well as practical industry knowledge.