Euronic Capital OU helps those who want to invest and start in company’s in northern Europe.. Euronic Capital OU has experience in building successful technology companies and an interest to both invest in and participate in the development of new innovation companies.

Become a member:

What you get as a member? Opportunity to invest in and get to know Euronic Capital OU, the unique range of promising, and carefully selected, tech startups. Investment proposals presented to the members are primarily startups who have been admitted to Euronic Capital OU, the various programs. The companies are seeking normal equity of more than 200000 Euro..

Participation in a network of some of northern Europe's best technology entrepreneurs

- Ability to find new investment partners
- Possibility to exchange contacts
- Possibility to recommend their own case to get into Euronic Capital OU to later become "investable" for members  Invitations to exclusive social activities included network (at least 4 times per year).
Membership in Euronic Capital OU is offered subject to availability and based on the network to have a good mix of industry experience and investment profiles. Today, the network has about 45 members.  Since its inception Euronic Capital OU has invested in several companies and represents nearly 2 million Euros in direct investment in Euronic Capital OU, pp companies, as well as in the Capital.